Business Financing Solutions

We work with management teams to find the right financing solutions, whether they be lines of credit, term loans, mezzanine financing, cash flow loans, second lien loans, asset backed lending or equity financings. Our broad range of capital raising, structured finance and financial advisory services allows us to assist companies in analyzing and implementing its strategic initiatives. We work with our clients to make sure they implement the optimal capital structure that will allow them to maximize the resources of the company and facilitate successful growth.

Structured Investments

Griffin Monroe will evaluate of the capital needs of a company as well as the ability to service various types of financing options. Based on this analysis we develop an appropriate financing structure and then fund it through Griffin Monroe Investments LLC, raise the capital through our investor relationships, or place the transaction with an investment bank depending on what is the best option for the company and investors.

Commercial Credit

Griffin Monroe maintains strong relationships with a syndicate of over a dozen banks and specialty lending institutions to which we can establish or provide referrals to arrange receivable financing and factoring, inventory lending, purchase order finance, equipment loans and sale leaseback programs.

Reverse Mergers

Also referred to as a Reverse Takeover, consists of the acquisition of a public company by a private company as an alternative method of becoming publicly traded. The target public company is a “shell” company meaning that all that remains is the public company’s organizational structure with no operations or assets. Griffin Monroe consults with and evaluates the private company for desirable attributes, capital structure and rationale for being public. We then introduce and evaluate public company targets, negotiate merger terms and introduce appropriate legal counsel to the company. There are numerous advantages and some drawbacks to a reverse merger which should be considered prior to entering into any engagement. The reverse merger is usually completed in conjunction with an equity capital round of financing.