Management Consulting

Regardless of your organization’s size, industry or business model - corporate strategic planning and the well executed implementation of the strategy play critical roles in establishing and maintaining long-term growth and profitability. We drive the process of devising a plan of offensive and defensive actions intended to maintain and build a competitive advantage over the competition. For a strategy to be successfully implemented, it must be linked and aligned to all aspects of operations through a method that addresses risks, manages financial constraints, and adheres to an ever increasingly complex matrix of legal and regulatory requirements.

Financial Consulting

Our financial consulting focuses both on the more basic areas of margin and profitability analysis, cash flow and budgets and then looks to help position the business for growth, an exit, an acquisition or a capital raise depending on our clients' objectives. We also develop unique financial projections and growth models with sensitivity functionality critical to examining the goals of management and achieving the best possible terms or lowest cost of capital.

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting provides comprehensive business planning services that focus on top-level, competitive and functional strategy development. Our extensive interaction with executives through interviews and workshops result in specific quantitative bottom-up initiatives.  We review our clients business and marketing plans through a comprehensive feasibility analysis and provide specific positioning recommendations that will maximize profitability and market share. We review or help implement and tie together management systems in the key areas of personnel, information, facilities and risk to further ensure operational efficiency and a solid platform for growth.

While Griffin Monroe segments management consulting into financial and strategic capacities, we base our services on the specific needs of each client and do not feel that these are mutually exclusive areas. We will always provide our consulting services in a manner that is consistent with our client's objectives.