Mergers & Acquisitions

The decision to enter into a merger or acquisition, or restructure a company, is among the most difficult and important decisions a management team must make, often leading to the success or demise of the company. Having a trusted partner and strategic advisor is of the utmost importance in executing a successful transaction. Our M&A team provides expert assistance in the execution of mergers and acquisitions, the purchase or sale of a business or "business brokerage" and business valuation services.

M&A Services

Griffin Monroe provides advisory services related to business combinations and divestures, from the planning process through the execution of the transaction. We believe that in addition to thorough due diligence, valuation is at the core of every transaction and must be determined in a structured and defensible manner in order to facilitate a successful transaction. Our team is experienced in representing both the sell side and the buy side of the transaction providing our clients the capabilities to prepare for, structure, negotiate and execute the transaction.

In our sell side M&A advisory services we represent our clients on an exclusive basis and manage the entire process of selling a company or one of its business units. While every situation is unique, the process typically includes: determining an anticipated valuation range, performing ad hoc due diligence from an acquirer perspective, creating an informational memorandum on the company, identifying buyers and implementing a marketing strategy, and assisting in the evaluation of offers and the negotiation of transaction terms. It is an art form to effectively navigate the process and ensure that issues like employees and customers being informed at the right time and in the right manner, that potential concerns are disclosed or addressed prior to a buyer uncovering them in due diligence or that financial irregularities are normalized and accounted for. It is in regard to these often overlooked issues where our experience can ensure our clients have a positive and rewarding experience.

In our buy side M&A advisory services we represent our clients in the process of preparing for and executing the acquisition of a target company. Whether the client is a private equity group looking for platform or add-on companies, corporations looking for strategic acquisitions or individuals looking to enter a market or industry our services typically include: assistance in the development of an acquisition strategy, defining the acquisition target attributes, identifying and screening acquisition candidates, initializing and facilitating a dialog with candidates, performing due diligence and a valuation assessment on targets, assisting with the negotiations of the terms and drafting of the letter of intent, and coordinating the closing process and finalizing the acquisition. Additionally, we often perform an accretion dilution analysis, assist in securing financing, and participate in post closing integration of the company if desired by our clients. Our goal is to streamline the acquisition process to a successful close while preventing our clients from being distracted from their primary business activities.

Business Brokerage Services

A subset of the mergers and acquisitions market is business brokerage. Here we facilitate the purchase and sale of companies that do not quite fall into the middle market or the “main street” categories, but somewhere in between. For a business of this size we apply slightly different valuation techniques than those used for larger M&A transactions which are appropriate to the market and also work within an alternative network of professionals and advisors to locate appropriate parties for the successful completion of the transaction.

Business  Valuation Services

When considering the possibilities of exiting your business, an offer made to buy your business or the acquisition of another business it is paramount to understand the market value of the company. As part of our mergers and acquisitions services we derive an estimate of market value or business valuation through an in depth process that considers many market and company specific factors. We then apply several valuation methods and weight the most appropriate valuation method to arrive at a defensible range of value the business would expect to achieve in the current market environment. Consideration as to the reason for the valuation is fundamental to the determination of the appropriate value.