Joy Griffin

Joy Griffin is the President of Griffin Monroe and is a seasoned business operator and consultant with more than fifteen years experience. Joy has held an executive position at a Fortune 100 company and has operated a large franchise organization with more than 640 U.S. locations. Prior to joining Griffin Monroe Joy had consulted for a broad range of clients including financial analysts, private equity, institutional investors, real estate developers, manufacturers, distributors, and franchise companies as the principal of the Joy James Group. Joy is well known for developing successful hyper-growth strategies that often include merger and acquisition transactions. Joy's vast experience at both operating and advising businesses is invaluable to Griffin Monroe, and she is highly involved in the firms’ strategic consulting as well as M&A activities.

In addition to her role with Griffin Monroe, Joy is currently a part time faculty professor at California State University Northridge were she teaches capstone strategy classes to undergraduate honor student seniors. The courses integrate previous coursework and applies concepts and approaches for analyzing, formulating, and implementing business interdependencies between functional areas.

Joy has published more than 100 business articles relating to merger and acquisitions, strategy, marketing, and management. Joy has been on CNBC's Closing Bell and Fox Business News as an expert analyst and is best known as a pioneer in the area of aftermarket inkjet supplies. Joy previously founded and/or built several category leading aftermarket businesses including the world's largest producer of aftermarket inkjet supplies. Joy holds both an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in business Administration from California State Universities, and currently serves on the Wells Fargo Center for Business and Entrepreneurship at California State University Northridge.